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Revolutionize Your Store with AI & ML Powered Sales

Engage every shopper in an automated, in depth, professional, sales conversation and increase conversion rate

saywhatt is an automated sales platform

Allow customers to have an in depth conversation, just like they would have with your best in-store sales rep.

saywhatt turns every interaction to a proffesional, rewarding, interactive sales engagement.

Engage Every Shopper

In personalized conversations, from discovery to payment. 

Customized Solution Per Brand

saywhatt is a highly customized selling solution, based on each brand's sales methods, values, spirit and actual sales team input and know-how. 

Maximize Traffic

Not having enough information or an available sales rep are among the top reasons for shoppers for not buying. saywhatt approaches every shopper to maximize traffic

Data Driven Action

saywhatt's ML based system continuously analyzes brands’ assets and communication with shoppers, optimizing sales conversations and solving revenue loss caused by lack of communication in real-time.

Saywhatt's Key Benefits

Increase sales

Exponentially grow sales force at minimal cost

Increased basket size


Higher conversion rate


Better customer service

Enhance brand experience

Online professional conversations with a  sales rep


Aligned with overall brand experience


Real-time response, answers and product guidance


No need contacting customer service


Increased brand credibility

Full Analytics & Insights





Production and design


New trends and consumer needs


Consumer behavior (from unstructured dialogs to structured data)

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Maximize your marketing efforts. saywhatt engeges already in-store traffic to increase conversion rate. 

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