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The personal way to plan your Greece vacation

Save time searching online. Schedule a conversation with one of our Greece experts, and get information tailored to your needs in fifteen minutes. 

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Best Travel w/ Children, Educational Attractions, Culture & History, Greek Mythology...


Best Alternative Athens, Music, Art, Nightlife, Food, Travel Logistics


Best Food, Wine, Places to Stay, Gay Nightlife, Art, Relocation Advice...

Get information from personal knowledge and experience that you can't find anywhere else.

A saywhatt expert is a local, a traveler, an artist, an architect, a clubber, a foodie, a parent. It is someone that understands your needs and can give the perfect recommendations and advice for your trip. 

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Image by Nils Nedel

"The conversation with Atalya was super productive. She is amazing, we can't wait to go to the places she told us about."


Image by yousef alfuhigi

"Katerina had all of the information ready so we didn't waste time explaining what we wanted. She had quite a few recommendations..."


Image by Svyatoslav Romanov

"So so helpful and interesting talking to Tania. I had the best experience! Thank you so much."



saywhatt is

a new marketplace connecting people needing information with people that have the knowledge they need, for short chat or a video call (we really like talking to people instead of searching online:).

By using saywhatt you are helping people earn from their knowledge.

Thanks for becoming a part of our community (heart).

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