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Iliana Sarakini

average rating is 5 out of 5

From: Thessaloniki, Greece

Occupation: Copywriter & Brand Specialist

Languages: English, Greek

   All of Greece

Best Places to Stay, Food, Drinks, Wine, Music, Nightlife, Culture & History, Shopping, Travel w/ Children, Adventure Sports, Surfing, Travel Logistics, VIP Security & logistics, Covid-19 Regulations

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Image by Vladimir Tsokalo



very helpful and useful tips. Iliana was kind and told me about cool places' beaches and brands that locals love

Hi, I'm Iliana

Inspired by all the hazards, during my travel plans, I decided to offer tailor-made travel guidance, for each and every one of you, that wishes to truly embrace the Greek philoxenia (hospitality) vibe. We'll discuss everything. From types of accommodation to transportation options, different activities, photo shooting locations, and of course the tastiest food spots, your belly could possibly ask for

As a true nature lover, a foodie to my very core, and a constant explorer, I'll be there for you, to hear your thoughts and requests and transform them into an unforgettable and joyful journey to Greece. Feel free to contact me for any type of travel inquiry questions, or inspiration.


I can recommend: Low Budget / Medium Budget / High End / Offbeat / Boutique / Classic / Local / Touristic / Family Oriented / Groups / Hidden Gems / Laid Back / High Energy / Hip

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