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Privacy Policy is a website that displays the service of Saywhatt Online Ltd. (the “Business”). 

Saywhatt Online Ltd. (“Saywhatt”), which operates the website at the address (hereinafter: ‘the Site’), respects the privacy of the Site’s users. The Privacy Policy explains how the operator of the Site, Saywhatt, uses data that is submitted by the users of the Site or otherwise collected during their use of the Site.

Providing information  to the Site

Surfing the Site does not require you to proactively give us identifying information. 


When filling the contact form on the Site, you will be asked to give identifying information such as your full name and active email address. The data fields that you need to complete will be clearly marked. 

You should only give correct, accurate and complete information. You hereby confirm the correctness of the information that you gave. You are not required by law to give the information and it is at your discretion and consent. However, incorrect information or a failure to provide all the requested information may prevent you from using the Site’s services or affect the quality of the service provided to you, prevent you from completing your order or from contacting us.


When you give the personal information of a third party, including the details of the person or party to whom the products that you ordered will be sent, you confirm that you received their consent to give their information to the operator of the Site, for use according to this policy.


Data collected while using the Site

When you use the Site, the operator of the Site will collect data about the interactions you’ve had with the Site’s interface, such as data or advertisements that you read, the forms that you completed, the pages and products that you viewed, the offers and services that you viewed, the general geographic area of your computer device and details of the IP address from which you accessed the Site.

In addition, the operator of the Site may collect and use the services of third parties to collect and analyze statistical or aggregate data about the use of the Site, including data relating to your details and activity on the Site.

Purposes for which the data is used

The information that you give and the information that is collected about your use of the Site will be kept in the database of the operator of the Site. The data will be used according to this Privacy Policy, the terms and conditions of the User Agreement on the Site and the applicable law.


We use your information for the following purposes:

  • To enable you to use the Site.

  • To improve and enrich the services, content and products that are offered on the Site, including to create new services and content that are suited to the requirements and expectations of the users of the Site. The data used by the operator of the Site for this purpose will mostly be statistical data that does not identify you personally.

  • To allow you and other users to tailor the services on the Site to your preferences.

  • To send you from time to time, by email, SMS or any other method, information about the services and products of the operator of the Site, as well as advertising information and data about products and services of others. These will be sent to you subject to your consent thereto in the User Agreement on the Site. You can withdraw your consent at any time and discontinue these messages. It is clarified that consent to this Privacy Policy constitutes consent for the purpose of the provisions of section 30A of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Services), 5742-1982.

  • To contact you when the operator of the Site believes it needs to do so, such as following a contact-us request from you through the Site or outside it, for administrative and other purposes.

  • For analysis, control and sharing statistical information to third parties. This data will not identify you personally.

  • For the proper operation and development of the Site.


Sharing data with others

The operator of the Site will not share your personal details and the data that was collected about your activity on the Site with third parties except in the following cases:

  • To legal advisors, courts, or representatives of consumer organizations, if you breach the User Agreement on the Site, or if you, through or in connection with the Site, take action or attempt to take action that appear to the operator of the Site to be unlawful. The same applies to every dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand, or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the operator of the Site.

  • If the operator of the Site receives an order from a competent authority to provide your information to that authority or to a third party.

  • In any case where the operator of the Site believes that sharing the information with another party is essential to prevent serious damage to you personally,  your property, any third party or their property .

  • The operator of the Site may share your information with other companies or organizations that are connected to the operator of the Site, such as a parent company, subsidiary, and sister company, provided that they will use this information solely according to this Privacy Policy.

  • The operator of the Site may share anonymous, aggregate, and statistical data with other companies or organizations that are connected to the operator of the Site and with suppliers, business partners, advertisers and any third party, at its sole discretion, but it will not knowingly or intentionally disclose your identity to them without your consent.

  • If the operator of the Site organizes its activity or the Site’s activity through another party, changes its legal structure, merges with another entity, or merges the Site’s activity with the activity of a third party, it may transfer your information to the new corporation, provided that this corporation commits to you that it will comply with this Privacy Policy.


Where is the data held?

The data that we collect is kept in our database, which is stored with suppliers that host servers and data backup, which may also be located outside Israel. Some data, as stated in this Privacy Policy, is collected, and kept by other companies. They may also keep the data outside Israel. Your consent to this Privacy Policy also constitutes a consent to keeping the data abroad and transferring it outside of Israel.



The Site uses cookies for the ongoing and proper operation of the Site, including for collecting statistical data about the use of the Site, for authenticating details, to tailor the Site to your personal preferences and for data security purposes.


Cookies are text files that your browser creates upon the instruction of the computers of the operator of the Site. Some cookies will expire when you close the browser, whereas others are saved on your computer’s hard disk. The cookies contain various data such as the pages that you visited, the amount of time that you were on the Site, from where you reached the Site, sections, and data that you want to see when you enter the Site, etc. 


If you do not want to use cookies, you can block them by changing your browser settings. To do this, please look at the browser’s help file. Remember, however, that blocking cookies may prevent you from being able to use some services and features on the Site or other websites. Moreover, you can delete the cookies on your computer at any time. It is recommended that you do so only if you are certain that you do not want the Site to adapt to your preferences. Since the cookies sometimes save you the need to enter usernames and passwords, do not delete them unless you are certain that you have first made a record of all the details required to use the Site and other sites in a safe place.


Data security

The operator of the Site uses data security measures and procedures on the Site. Although these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized hacking of the Site’s computers, they do not guarantee absolute security. Therefore, the operator of the Site does not guarantee  that the services on the Site will be completely immune against unauthorized access to the data stored on them.


Your rights in the data

Every person is entitled to view the data that we have about them. A person who views the data about them and finds that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or out of date may contact us with a request to correct or delete the data. If we refuse to do so,  we are required to notify the person making the request in the manner and way determined by regulations. Our refusal to allow a person to view their data or to correct or delete data may be appealed in the manner determined by regulations.


Moreover, if we use the data to contact you with commercial offers according to a segmented characterization of those included in the database (‘direct mailing’), then you are entitled to demand in writing that the data relating to you will be deleted from the database. In that case, the operator of the site will delete only the data that it used to provide you with the commercial offers.


Please note that the deletion of data may prevent you from continuing to receive services from the Site. Data that the operator of the Site needs to conduct its business – including statistical, anonymous or aggregated data for statistical analysis, and documenting commercial and other transactions that you carried out on the Site – will continue to be kept by the operator of the Site according to applicable law but will no longer be used to contact you.

If within 30 days you do not receive notice that the data that the operator of the Site was asked to delete was indeed deleted according to this section, you are entitled to apply to the court in the manner determined in regulations under the Privacy Protection Law, for an order requiring the operator of the Site to do so.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

The operator of the Site may change the Privacy Policy from time to time. If significant changes are made to the Privacy Policy, a notice of this will be published on the Site’s homepage 30 days before the changes come into effect, and we shall also endeavor to notify you of the changes in an email message if we have your contact details.


If other insignificant changes are made to the Privacy Policy, notice of this will be published on the site’s homepage seven days before they come into effect, unless the changes are made according to the provisions of any law. In such a case, the changes will come into effect according to the provisions of the law.


Continuing to use the site after the change of the Privacy Policy indicates your consent to the new terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, you should stop using the site.


Contact us

If you are concerned that your privacy was violated during your use of the Site, or if you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints about this policy, please contact us by email at the address: We will endeavor to respond to your message as soon as possible.

You can view the current Privacy Policy at any time by clicking on the appropriate link on the Site.

Last updated: April 1, 2024.

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